WIFI 360 Video Camera IP (14300075) Products
Name WIFI 360 Video Camera IP
Code 14300075
Type Standard
Brand Other
Category CCTV
Price Rs.6,850.00
Product Details

Wireless WIFI 360 Video Camera Light Camera Full HD IP Action Camera For Home Security Monitor 360 degree Video Cameras

Product Descriptions:

1.Wifi Frequency:2.4GHz
2.Resolution:1280X960P (1.3MP)
3.Power supply: AC100-240V
4.Power port: E27port
5.Viewing angle: 360°
6.Maximum WIFI distance:15m(Unblocked environment)
7.Audio: Two-way intercom
8.Video frame rate: 25 FPS at maximum resolution Audio
9.Input: Built-in microphone; output: built-in speaker
10.Local storage: TF card, max support 128G

11.APP (iOS & Android):ICsee
12.Illumination:3x1W white LED
13.Lamp Socket:E27 threaded base
14.Power Supply:AC100-240V,50-60Hz
15.Power Consumption:<6W> 16.Temperature and Humidity:0℃-40℃/10%-95%
17.Smart Phone:iPhone, iPad, Android
18.Computer:Support PC client and CMS Web viewing

How dose the camera store the video?
This camera external TF card slot ,it is recommended to insert 4-128GB TF card ,or can not store video,view the history of video,picture and other important feature.

How is the camera off the line?
Check that the power supply and cable are normal
Re-plug the power supply to restart the device
reconfigure the camera
Check whether the hone network broadband is normal

How to switch the network environment?
In the new network environment,please use the thimble long press the rear end of the device to reset the hole(SET hole)for about 6 seconds,to be heard[to restore the factory settings,do not power]voice prompt release ,Reset successfully.Reboot after the network configuration connection.

【MULTIPURPOSE CAMERA】Light Bulbs Camera have many usefulness.For example,you can take it as a wireless camera indoor system, ip camera wireless,spy cameras,night vision camera home,pet camera motion detection, baby camera monitor,office camera wireless.Built-in ultra-responsive speaker and microphone allows you to talk and listen through the app whenever & wherever you are. 24-hour real-time security monitoring.61EkMn1jYAL._SL1024_

【QUICK LINKS AND POWERFUL MEMORIES】this HD 960P Bulbs Camera can link 2.4GHZ Wifi, high-speed transmission of video to your phone, real-time understanding of the situation at home. With built-in microphone, you can talk to your family through the iCSee app ( iOS and Android)at any time. When the device is registered on your mobile phone, it will memorize . The second time, it can be directly manipulated by the app, without having to link again. Note: This device does not support SIM card.61jzMlXYzfL._SL1500_

【SMART CAMERA SECURITY】The alert will be pushed to your smartphone as it detects any action, so that camera security monitor will make your home or office more secure. Built-in TF card slot (Support 4-128G), plug in your memory card, you can achieve full monitoring. The memory card needs to be purchased separately.61EX8xTKh8L._SL1001_

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★Note★: This wireless camera indoor does not support phone cards. App only supports use email to register, does not support mobile number to register.Does not include memory card, please purchase separately.

Package Listing

Lenyes 960p Light Bulbs Camera x 1
Light Threaded Base x1
Manual x1

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