• D1 Mini ESP8266 Wi-Fi Development Board

    D1 Mini Nodemcu Lua WIFI Expansion Board Support OTA Launch Internet Development Board for Arduino Compatible with WeMos D1 Mini
    1. Introduction: The WiFi Development Board is D1 mini, which is a mini NodeMcu Lua WiFi board based on ESP-8266EX.
    2. Compatible with WeMos D1 Mini: The D1 Mini NodeMcu Lua 4M byte WLAN WiFi Internet WiFi Development Board is based on the ESP8266 ESP-12F for Arduino and is compatible with WeMos D1 Mini. It can be programmed in an Arduino IDE compatible environment.
    3. 11 Digital Input/Output Pins: The Expansion Board has 11 digital input/output pins, all of which have interrupts/PWM/I2C/support for 1 wire (excluding D0); 1 analog input (maximum 3.2V input). Micro USB connection; Compatible with Arduino; 1MB flash memory; 500mA resettable fuse.
    4. Switching Power Supply: The Internet Development Board has a 4M byte. 5V 1A switching power supply (switching power supply) onboard.
    5. 2 Options: The WiFi Development Board has Micro and Type-C2 options for you to choose from.


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